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Dana is a professional fitness educator, personal trainer, INBF/NPC fitness competitor, previous CrossFit Metteworks owner and former CrossFit regional competitor who lives by the motto,Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life”.  For nearly the past 20 years, Dana has diversified her knowledge and expertise regarding health and fitness, making her the perfect combination of Coach, Teacher, and Trainer.

Just take a look around you. More than 70% of Americans alive today are obese.  Hospitals swell from the number of patients with health problems related to their weight.  National concerns regarding healthcare are a hot-button issue among most of us, and why?  Because so many of us are not as healthy as we could be.  Yet Fast Food chains account for some of the wealthiest corporations in the world.  People in America seem to buy more candy bars than carrots, and do more sitting down than sit-ups.  Although, somehow throughout television and the internet there are the myriad advertisements for countless obesity and health-related panaceas- this so-called expert’s amazing new diet, that so-called miracle DVD set for $99.95, the other so-called revolutionary new gym offering special memberships for a limited time only.

Current trends show that so many people want to be healthier, more fit, in a country where matters of health and fitness have become way too complex.   What people need is to be educated and encouraged, not exploited or excluded.  In a world where choosing the best approach to a healthy and fit life leaves one with so many questions, Dana is the answer.

So, Dana created ANYTIME ANYWHERE FITNESS to bring some common sense back to the world of fitness.  Whenever you have an hour to spare, wherever you feel most comfortable exercising, Dana can be there to teach you, train you, and mold you into the best shape of your life!  Her passion, indeed her mission, is to help men and women of all ages, all sizes, and all situations, to discover how good it truly feels to feel fit!

Now, take a look around you again.  When and Where Would You Like To Get Started?!


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