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Wednesday 7.15.20

“What You Don't Know” 50 Dumbbell Lunges (53/35) 100 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (53/35) 150 Double Unders 75 Air Squats 150 Double Unders 100 Meter Suitcase Carry Per Side 50 Dumbbell Lunges

WOD Guidance & Goals: Hold db or kb in the front rack position and complete 50 total lunges in 30/20 reps. Use that same db to complete 100 alternating db snatches. Every 20 reps take a short break then continue in sets of 20. Do big sets of double unders (timers or mountain climbers, 50 attempts or 200 singles) and then get after your 75 air squats. Break them up into 3 sets of 25 if you have to. Again, try to do big sets of double unders, then you can recover on the suitcase carries. Make sure you only use your right to carry the db on the 100 meters out, and switch to your left for the 100 meter back. The db must be carried by your side not on your shoulder. Complete the workout with another 50 lunges, try to go unbroken on 30/20.

Target 18 minutes. 

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