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Thursday 7.30.20

ZOOM FITNESS- 7am & 5pm


#sorrynotsorry #yourenotgettingoutofthisone! "Forensic" Buy In: 800 Run


Burpee Deadlifts Weighted V-Ups

Cash Out: 800m Run

WOD Guidance & Goal

Before the workout starts you will run 800m (approx. 4 minutes) If you don't have a distance set run 2:00m out and 2:00m back. Once you have finished the run you will start the descending ladder of Burpee Deadlifts and Weighted V-Ups (choose a light weight or a pillow)

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"Heartbreaker" 3 Rounds for time 30 Deadlifts 30 Bent over Rows 800m Run

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