Sunday 7.26.20

ZOOM FITNESS w/ Coach Neely 8:30am


“Supple Sunday”


8 Rounds (20 Seconds On + 10 Seconds Off) At Each Movement: DB Split Squats (Right) DB Split Squats (Left)

Hollow Hold

Elevated Glute Bridges

V-ups WOD Guidance & Goal DB Split Squats elevate your back leg and perform a standard lunge keeping your front leg stationary. Make sure to keep your chest up. You can hold your db at your side or your chest (your choice) If you want to challenge yourself use 2 dumbbells. If you are new to the movement I recommend no weight! You will perform 8 rounds on the right and then 8 rounds on the left. For the hollow hold remember *rib cage to belly button*. Get those shoulders lifted off the ground, arms in alignment with your ears. Raise your legs about a foot off the ground. Most importantly to save your back from hurting push your belly to the ground (rotating your hips upward) If your back bothers your scale to a dead bug position. For the glute bridges elevate your feet. Be sure to lift your hips up as high as you can squeezing your gutes at the top. If you want to challenge yourself add some weight to your hips. If you need to scale drop your feet from the elevated position and keep your feet flat on the floor. V-Ups your hands meet your toes creating a v. For a scale tuck your knees to your chest but be sure to get those shoulders high off the ground.

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