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Saturday 4.17.21


"80's Disco" :40 of work / :20 of rest 4x each movement before rotating Weighted Wall Sits Goblet Squats Elevated Glute Bridges Spiderman's Half Plank Extensions Shoulder Taps

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"Impossible" For Time: 10 Hang clean and jerk 5 burpees over the dumbbell 10 Alt dumbbell snatches 5 Burpews over the dumbbell Ladder going down for c/j and snatches Start w 10, Ladder going

"Heartbreaker" 3 Rounds for time 30 Deadlifts 30 Bent over Rows 800m Run

"River" AMRAP 20 100 Meter Farmer's Carry 21 Dumbbell Squats *every 3 minutes do 125 Single unders

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